It’s time to ditch the good old hustle culture and start being productive on your own terms! The Productivity Planner includes:

  • different productivity exercises varying from building habits to monitoring your daily energy levels
  • planning your next 6 months and reflection pages
  • 24 week overviews
  • 180 daily planning pages (don’t worry, we won’t ask you how many glasses of water you drank today)
  • No one expects you to be productive every day, which is why we have divided everything into sections so you can keep track of your day and week and not waste paper!


Frequently asked questions

How long will the planner last?

These planners are half-year planners which include planning your next 6 months and reflection on the previous half-year, 24 week overviews and 180 daily planning pages!

Does it matter if I miss a day or a week?

All sections are undated! It doesn’t matter if you miss any days or weeks as you can simply pick up where you left off.

How many cover designs there are?

The Productivity Planner comes in 2 design options – a minimalistic black & white cover and a beautiful light pink & beige cover.

How many pages are there?

232 pages. 

Is the planner in English?

Yes, the planner is in English but easy to understand for everyone.